Hungary Torn Apart

Where does the hate which divides our country originate from? How did the still lasting antagonism start? To what extent was Communist Secret Service responsible for the division, during the change of the regime? What games did they orchestrate from the background during the 1990s and the 2000s? Gergely Huth’s documentary is seeking the answers to these questions, asking key players of the changment of the regime. One time friends and allies are speaking of the unity of the past, which was so dangerous for the Communist Party and which was ultimately so easy to break.

Secret documents, spectacular animation inserts, unique footages, an agent confronting his past, a researcher turned counter-espionage officer, memories completing each other into a large picture- these fragments make-up the film, which isn’t preaching, only trying to make viewers think. How did we get here? Why did we let this happen? To what extent was „ÉK”, the Secret Service’s controverisal action succesful?

We see it’s outcome. The distruption worked.