Discredit and Divide


If you can’t beat them, destroy their reputation, turn their comrades against them – that is how we could sum up the method of discredit and divide frequently applied by Hungarian State Security Service. It was used from 1957 up until the change of the regime – and even afterwards…  The Party’s secret services not only observed and intimidated the system’s external and internal enemies, but undercover agents made up absurd accusations against them. Gergely Huth and András Kerekes’ documentary outlines the method of denigration through the example of Sándor Szalai, a charismatic oppositional professor, and the story of the Inconnu art group. The documentary draws attention to the fact that it is not coincidental that by the time of the regime change the opposition had to face thousands of breaklines. Their method worked successfuly. The stories are based on the researches of the Hamvas Béla Cultural Research Institute. Fictional scenes make the film even more exciting.

Director: Huth Gergely |
Producer: Skrabski Fruzsina |
Cameraman: Barta Zoltán |
Production manager: Zsalakó Réka |
Length: 52 minutes
Language: Hungarian
Year: 2015
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