The Life of a Hand

The film starts with the meeting of two hands. They fall in love and the union of the two gives life of a little one. The tiny hand grabs the parent’s finger, discovers his own motions. He holds objects and gains knowledge. Improves. Starts to eat and drink independently, creates his first drawings. Then he finds friends, starts the school and the little child grows up to be a boy. We show the adolescence’s first successes and failures, while we place the emphasis still on the hands. Like in the life of a youngster, music, party and love appears in the movie. Adulthood starts and the love of his life becomes marriage. The easy and droll years are replaced by the years of parenthood, until they finally become grandparents. Years go by and the hardworking hands turn motionless.

The experimental short film portrays the life from the perspective of a hand. We see the happy moments and the conflicts of daily life. The touching movie tries to draw attention to the importance and beauty of the small, everyday events in life, supposed to be insignificants.