133 Days

Glorious or shameful, the Hungarian historiography has not been stingy with adjectives when it was about the Hungarian Soviet Republic. Through the past seventy years it was all negative or all positive about the 133 days of the Republic.

 The events that took place in 1919, parallel to the disruption of Hungary, since then have greatly influenced our history. Even though the Hungarian Soviet Republic only lasted for 133 days, it became an indelible part of the Hungarian historiography. Manipulated school materials, deficient historical reports, films and books have been produced. In 1989 it became subsidiary to clarify what happened 70 years before. Now we aim to present not just the story of those 133 days, but also the presentation of the Hungarian Soviet Republic during the last decades, with other words the falsification of history. It is important to clarify what happened between the 21st of March and the 1st of August in 1919.